The people on the website dont have individual contact information, not even an email address.,,,, I have an exhibition lined up with them in a couple months too and I have never had a problem with them? This has to be reported!! If the whole thing isnt a scam they apparently are not professionals at all. My experience so far has been awful. The platform has her money and right now I am asking them for turning it back to her. Thank you for letting me know just in time. Jazz Jade needs to be dealt with by the relevant legal authorities. There are two sides to this group a light facade with a dark background. has global traffic rank of 4,572,916. Can you not seen what you do and what you have done to people. She took them very seriously and we had a professional chat about it. Can more be done to stop this. there you have everything in your own hands and you will quickly gain reach if you invest some time not money! I am an artist in Stony Stratford and Ive heard nothing but good things about Luke and Ive had great dealings with him myself too. Hello everyone, Instagram has an option report this page and you can select the reason Fraud, we should join and report it all also on Instagram to close them, RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY do not invest your money total scam, We all need to keep contacting everyone and showing them the police cases. These people dont belong to that group. However it tells a lot about this person and her anger management issues. Please provide me with contact details of your manager or someone more senior/professional. The London address is fake. And obviously im not alone ! People are angry because they feel cheated and scammed. I have an show lined up in September in one of their galleries this costs me nothing but commissions. If nothing shows until 25th, Ill call my bank, stop the transaction, and report scam. I told them first i would be happy to join the platform and since then, they literally harass me by e-mail and on instagram !! See here for more: It simply doesnt make sense to me. all they have to do is click copy / paste and thats it. The delay has been a month now. I think its so easy to let the negative overcome the positives that a lot of artists seem to be having. Im so glad Ive found this chat. But the thing for me is I do see positive feedback from artists on the site, I dont think Im naive, Im just confused. Yes are you implying there something wrong with this? There is NO gallery in Great Portland Street. if so, for how much, if I my ask? They will lose their money too. PS: I wrote to the artists represented by EAP and asked them whether they had already sold anything on the homepage. Emily lists them at the end of her blog. Just to update too. And then i start my research : who the hell is Jazz ?? You are not just in a search your name situation, your work will also come up under the categories relevant to you (ie: medium, country of origin etc). I was scammed by EAP too. Company is registered to Lucian Hector he has a fast turnover of companies I believe they are trying to get as many subscribers as possible in as short a time as possible. Ive had constant communication with her through email and Instagram and I had my page after I think it was about 14 days. Threatening with legal actions is, to be honest, quite amusing to me. Please can you contact the UK authorities if you feel you have been robbed or defrauded by EAP:,, By the sounds of things not much will happen unless lots of us do the same. They havent filed any accounts, the business contact address is a PO Box in Cardiff, and the business thats built the website owned by the other business partner has also applied to be struck off without posting accounts. There are two sides to this group: a light facade with a dark background. To me it looks like most the positive feedback here is fake and from someone behind EAP. Her is a statement you can use on your sites to warn other artists about EAP. How did you book the call? After one year, you wont be able to cancel the plan and the bank will keep charging you! So Im hoping they dont again. . The actual truth is the opposite: I was trying to have them to organize the shipping but they totally failed to do that. Shame on them for preying on emerging artists! She has caused so much inconvenience for the buyer and we have now cancelled the sale and refunded the buyer his money. A little slow with communication sometimes but I put this down to Covid-19. So so rude. So unprofessional! FYI, they freak out when people leave negative comments on their Instagram pages, so they should be bombarded with them. You wont be able to cancel the account after giving them all your info! Also check out EAP staff.their Art Consultant, Matt Lautman is actually a wanna be actor ( check it out @matthewlautman1 on Instagram) . I would probably be on edge too if I had to keep up with all the lies, dual identities ( many different Instagram accounts with different pics and names however its all the same person) and running a scam operation. I will wish you the best of luck with your future. We share our opinions and, above all, our experiences here. It is not great how they organise everything. Im ashamed to say that I used to work for this company. We think we do so well but most of us, emerging artists, are just learning and need a lot of practice before we become good at what we try to do. then once it was up it had a ton of mistakes. They had girls working from home handling the social media. Its very easy to navigate the site and I extremely unsure why you are searching for an answer to a question that is unveiling. I dont see how they can do that if they are fake? Secondly The EAP ignored the messages that my collectors send to the EAP when they asked after their paintings they had purchased over a month ago. I agree with you! I have messaged you asking about it as I feel it is misleading for paying artists to not feature there and not be told how our work can even be found. They have damaged my work in their gallery. They dodge court orders by regularly moving from rented accommodation and never providing home addresses for mail, making it impossible for bailiffs or law enforcement officials to find them. Now I come across this webpage sharing the same complaints. The couple owe thousands to staff who have worked for them. May 20, 2021; kate taylor jersey channel islands; someone accused me of scratching their car . Im hearing more and more shocking stories about them. I paid, and sent them my information with all the documents on August 11th. I KNOW I DO AND HAVE SEEN MANY OTHER ARTISTS DO THE SAME! It is run buy amateurs and they arent anywhere close being well known professionals or leading specialists. Its also sketch how sooo many people are getting offers from them. Youre very knicker-twisted Jazz. A fast-growing online art gallery based in the Netherlands, internationally known for its rich art culture, prominent design and expertise. Twitter. Again no answer. i have had much better experiences with keeping myself fully on instagram and etsy as a sales platform. Jazz and lucien are money grabbers. . I received that same link from Lauren but Im not even able to fill out the Instagram/Facebook Handle section. There isnt much of it online. EAPs explanation was that this page is being written by only one person a liar named Anonymous. I personally do not write my experiences in here for any hateful reason. You can do whatever you want with it. (Even when I was just asking to add more art to my page!). You can also call this number. They just take the money and leave it there. My beautiful page is all good and running and the link works. Not in LinkedIn or elsewhere what so ever. They will start off to be accommodating and pleasant but believe me it will change when they owe you money. Their capital really is only 1 British pound! Again you are just being spiteful. I worked there. It isnt a scam? They have had other companies in the past that have been the same. The gallery being legit, though completely unprofessional, is the front of the business, everything else is dodgy, especially Jazz Jade. Planning to have my credit card company deal with getting reimbursed for services not received. They need to be sorted out. The only way I got my page created was by pestering the 2 scouts who originally contacted me through Instagram, (even one of those ignored my request until I made a bigger fuss!) Yes Jazz was also super abusive to me and tried saying I was sexist. Im not giving up even after all the threats, Everyone needs to CANCEL THEIR SUBSCRIPTION so that they dont automatically get paid and re new another year with them. Within the art scene I am just a regular person making art and trying to sell it as all the artists do. Seriously ?? I feel like a fool. I worked from my couch with no previous experience. They also owe months and months of rent to the landlord of the establishment in Milton Keynes where they had a gallery (which was only open to create a facade of integrity for their scam business). In Instagram the lady that wrote to me is quite active, but unfortunately they promote other artist. I have never had to deal with a business as unprofessional and rude as this one. We were fooled! This is a page to review The Emerging Artists Platform its got nothing to do with Luke McDonald (the previous owner of the gallery in Stony Stratford) if you want to comment on his dealings, you should do so on another page dedicated to his dealings not here. Please contact the police in the UK about this on 0300 30 30 159 or visit I paid 50 pounds and did not recevie any kind of confirmation that I had paid. I emailed H, who was responsible for answering my questions but her email does not exist. January 2, 2023. For legal reasons we do not mention specific individuals and gallery names. How would you know if our service is poor and unprofessional if you havent even had it yet? Vultures? They have a physical gallery at 73b High Street Stony Stratford. I can only assume the rent is covered by the money weve spent signing up??? Ive had nothing but great experiences and feedback so far with EAP and I was starting to worry after reading this. Got Jazz written all over it. A genuine artist who had good feedback to provide would have nothing to hide, Does anyone have any further advice on how we can take this further I feel enough of us have been scammed and it would be great for them to deal with the consequences of treating artists like this, Do you have an Instagram page that you would be happy to share, What your insta name, it would be nice to see everyones like you say so we know whats real and what isnt. They told me to hurry to send them all the documents.
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